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Picture of New Mexico sunset by John T. SodenNew Mexico earthscape photo by John T. SodenSepia Cowboy. Carrizozo, New Mexico John T. Soden PhotographerMt. Sierra Blanca, Ruidoso, New Mexico photo by John T. SodenPorcupine Kite by John T. Soden, Ruidoso, New MexicoPicture of Ruidoso, New Mexico Kite Day from John T. SodenEllis Store, Lincoln, New Mexico by John T. SodenPicture of Boots on the Rail by John T. SodenPicture of Mexican Canyon Railroad Trestle by John T. SodenPhotograph of Enchanted Fidlders by John T. SodenJohn T. Soden photograph Road to the SkyRuidoso Chamber of Commerce by John T. SodenJohn T.Soden Photograph of the Rio Ruidoso
These photos are a small sample from the remarkable collection of noted New Mexico photographer John. T. Soden.  Mr. Soden has devoted a lifetime to photographing the world.  John now resides in the southern New Mexico comunity of Ruidoso.  In addition to his fine art photographs, John is available for weddings, reunions and other event photography.  You can also arrange a portrait sitting in his studio or on location.  John T. Soden is a partner in the media firm Weasel Video Productions which provides photography and video production services around New Mexico.
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You can see more of John's photography here.
FEATURED ENTRY -  This is the Weasel Productions submission for the Lincoln County, New Mexico 60 second film contest.  Out of all Ruidoso photographers, John T. Soden is a singular talent in grabbing the emotions  and feel of New Mexico.  Naturally the incredible depth of his skills was perfect in providing ample illustration that Lincoln County, New Mexico provides the ideal setting for the film production industry to scout diverse locations for movie and television production.  The contest is sponsored by Film Lincoln County, New Mexico and is the first of it's kind in the area.  For more information contact FLCNM here.
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